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Welcome to Someday We'll Know.

A site/blog run by two best friends who talk about anything and everything. You never know what'll happen next so make sure you check back often. ;)

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Brooke; a simple, small town girl with big dreams and an even bigger heart. You might call her "the girl next door". Wish her a happy birthday on August 5th; she's sixteen. Her obsessions inclue, but are not limited to: Thriving Ivory, Harry Potter, Twilight, sparkley pens, Buffy, video games, movies, Italy, books, strawberries, Spanish, video eiditing, writing, Death Note, and classic Disney movies. Friends and family are her first priority. She'd do anything for them, end of story. She has an amazing boyfriend, it's been like that since November 3rd, 2008. She's a fighter, a lover, a dreamer, stubborn as hell, funny, and loveable. Don't underestimate her, because she will show you just what she's capable of.

Jessica; a girl who dreams about leaving her small home town behind and starting fresh. She blows out her birthday candles on June 3rd. For sixteen years she's been a stubborn, sweet, kind, smiley, yet lazy addition to the world. She's single and looking, boys; the key to her heart? Just be yourself. She loves most things, but her absolute favorites are: pizza, Harry Potter, friends & family, summer nights, flip-flops, shopping, 4-wheeling and music. She just wants to live her life, her way, with some crazy experiences along the way. Wish her luck, because she's bound and determined for her dreams to come true.

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"I'd rather die on my feet, than live here on my knees again."

-The Exies

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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Random Start. -- Brooke ♥ 10:19 AM

Hey everyone, Brooke here! Making the official first post! Whoot!

First of all;
Reasons Today is Awesome: I am listening to my Thriving Ivory CD and I have a 54 ounce bag of Skittles. (Bonus points to anyone who can come up with a creative use for said Skittles other than eating them.)

Totally got that idea from fiveawesomegirls on YouTube. Watch them!

Anywho, I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to talk about today, but I'll think of something and just ramble on until then. Just because that's how I roll, haha.

Oh! I guess I could let you guys know that I intend to start making icons. I'll post them here and you are free to use them if you like them. Jess and I also want to make videos every now and then of random things we do, for your entertainment of course.

Hmm, maybe I don't have as much to ramble about as I thought. Ah well, we can try this agian later, haha. I'm off to write fanfiction. If you guys would like I can post the link for you to read. It's called Summer Solstice and it is my love child.

Until next time! <3

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Under Construction -- ♥ 9:24 AM

Hey guys, Brooke here!

Welcome to Someday We'll Know --! We're still under construction so bear with us, if you will. We hope to have all sorts of interesting stuff for you; videos, blogs, icons, quotes etc. If you have any ideas please feel free to share them.

We'll have affiliate buttons by the end of the week so if you're interested, let me know and we can hook you up. Here's hoping we can make something of this site. See you around! <3